Laptop refreshing

    It's that magical time of the year when the stars align, you realize you have too much garbage on your computer and you need to reinstall it, and you actually have the time to do it.

    Or you think you have the time to do it. Because something that should take 30 minutes, turns into a whole afternoon of fun \:D/

    First, I wanted to reinstall my Linux, a poor old Ubuntu that has been much abused, and replace it with Elementary OS. That was quickly foiled as it wouldn't boot of my USB drive. "No operating system found". Eventually I figured out the problem was with UNetBootin and I used another program to create the bootable flashdrive.

    I started to backup my files from C: using the live version of Elementary, only to find out that the copying speed was slowly, but steadily, decreasing, and after 30 minutes it was showing that it had 30 hours left. That, combined with a bit of a dislack regarding the UI (personal preference, I lately like more simple things), I decided to move on to re­in­stalling Windows first.

    Create the bootable pendrive. Restart computer. Start installer. Realize you forgot to write down your Product Key, so you have to boot back into old Windows, copy key from email, and start in­stal­la­tion process all over. After it finished installing, I wanted to upgrade it to Windows 8.1. I binged for answers and after a couple of minutes and a number of failed attempts, I realized I didn't have the necessary updates that are required for enabling Win 8.1. Wait 1 hour for all those updates to download, restart computer two times meanwhile, and then realize that the stupid Windows 8.1 update is a 3GB thing.

    Why didn't I just download Windows 8.1 and install it directly?

    This is gonna be a fun week.