Uetliberg is a very popular and small mountain near Zurich, 869 m high, which I have already visited twice and I will probably climb many more times (at the very least when I have friends coming to Zurich). There is an 80 m high tower at the top, and there is a beautiful view from up there. You can see the whole Zurich and Lake Zurich in a gorgeous panorama.

    First time I went up there was during Kn­aben­schiessen and the second time was with some fellow Nooglers, to have lunch up there. We arrived there panting and sweaty and the restaurant at the top was waaaaay too fancy for our condition (and all the tables were reserved), so we ended up having fries with some nice Cervalat sausage from a fast food stand outside :D.

    After lunch, because the weather was so nice, we decided to rest a bit on the meadow close to the top and we sat down on our jackets, enjoying a warm and sunny Sunday :)