After a year, prompted by a question Catalin asked me, I finally made time to write about a couple more great writers I follow.

Seth Godin: Seth does many things, but he is mainly a marketing person. However, he doesn't do marketing in the annoying, in your face spammy way, but in a thoughtful, creative way. Instead of trying to go for the masses, to appeal to everyone, to bring the product to the lowest common de­nom­i­na­tor, he tries to broaden the market, to find new people, to win people over by quality, not by the lowest price and by having an eye on the long term. I have too many posts from him saved in Wallabag (about which I'll write at another time), so here are two: Avoiding the GIGO trap and What would happen.

DataGenetics: Data­Ge­net­ics is a blog written by Nick Berry, a data scientist. On his blog, he tackles a lot of in­ter­est­ing questions, with lots of math and physics. I enjoy trying to work out solutions before reading his post. Some of my favorites are about Kolo­mogorov randomness (which is necessary for the whole al­go­rith­mic randomness concept), Wind Turbine Efficiency and Cake Cutting.

Itchy Feet: It's not a blog per se, but it's a comic I follow via RSS, so meh. It speaks to my heart, given that my feet are also itching to travel, because I haven't flown since September :( I have actually met the author while at Google and I have one of his books with! He's really nice. Some of my favorite comics from him: Slovakia vs Slovenia, Relatively inclined and Sedentary Workout (the last two I've ex­pe­ri­enced myself).