2019 in Review

    2019 in Review

    This year something happened that has not happened in a long time: no posts at all during for two months (June and July) :( Most months I also managed to post only once, so because of this I wrote only 19 posts in 2019, 3 fewer than in 2018. Life has been quite busy, the con­struc­tion of the house eating up a lot of my time in the second half of the year.

    The number of sessions finally stopped dropping: it was 10775 and 10762 the previous year. The number of users went up by 10%, to 8725. Pageviews continued dropping, getting down to 16382.

    The day with the most views was November 30, when I had 226 pageviews. I posted about Tokaido then. It seems I should post more often about board games. In­ter­est­ing­ly enough, the week with the most views, dis­trib­uted out over several days was the week of July 21-27, when I didn’t even post anything. What happened then was that a certain YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH­P9s­D0onU8 , which linked to my selfie time lapse photo post, got really popular.

    My most popular posts were the neural network one (as always, for the last 5 years) and the time lapse one. The most popular one from this year was the one where I finally posted after two months of silence.

    I’m planning to finally redesign my blog (and change how it’s generated). Hopefully I will also fill it with more and better content as well :)