Quarantine boardgames: Itchy Feet

    Quarantine boardgames: Itchy Feet

    I haven't traveled abroad in one year. [1] I haven't travelled more than 80 km from home in two months. Considering that in the previous six years I have travelled more than 20000 kilometers every year, my feet are itching to travel again. I can't wait for airports to open again. But luckily, I have a game that expresses my feelings perfectly: Itchy Feet.

    Itchy Feet is a very easy and fun card game, about traveling. All players have an intermediate country they have to go through and then they have to travel to a common destination country. The first to reach the destination country wins. To travel, you must have a passport and 3 items specific to the destination country.

    Some of the passports in the game

    On your turn, you can draw a card, recycle a card, trade cards with another player, steal from a player or travel. Whenever I played, stealing was one of the most popular actions, because it's easy to sabotage the others if you can steal their passport, so it's easy to make many enemies.

    Some of the countries you can visit

    The game is made by Malachi Ray Rempen, who also draws a webcomic, so the drawings have their own unique style. He also invested a lot of time in the captions for the cards, which are extremely funny.

    Items needed to travel

    The base game is very simple, but there are several extensions that come with it. You can have forbidden items, which block you from travelling, so you have to get rid of them. You can have special cards, which give you special abilities and you can have events, which introduce some randomness into the game.

    Forbidden items, special cards and event cards

    Another fun extension is the character cards, where each player has different abilities, such as drawing more cards, or make it easier to recycle cards.

    Character cards

    The game is very easy to learn, is usually quite quick (10-15 minutes per round) and is very portable, so it's a good game to take with you on trips. It can also double as a poker deck :))

    Score: 9

    I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload - Day 11.

    1. Except for Hungary, but I didn't go far there ↩︎