How Much Does It Cost To Run This Blog?

    How Much Does It Cost To Run This Blog?

    The current meme/trend/fad blog post topic in my blogroll is about how much it costs to run a personal blog.

    So here are my costs per month:

    Service Monthly Costs
    Domain name 1€
    VPS hosting 5.95$
    DigitalOcean backup 1.19$
    Total ~7.31€

    Initially, I bought the domain name from a Romanian registrar. Back then it was for life. I payed something like 30 euros for it. But 3 years ago, the powers that be decided to bring the .ro TLD to more "modern" standards and to have you pay yearly. I paid in advance for 10 years, 12 euros per year.

    I have the smallest VPS from DigitalOcean to run my blog. I have another droplet which runs some other things, but I don't count that here. I also use their DNS hosting, which is free.

    I also use their droplet backup service, which is 1 euro + VAT. It's the simplest form of backup and I should probably set up some higher level exports from Ghost to back up my posts.

    I see that both Jan-Lukas and Kevin use a CDN. I haven't thought about using one so far, because I've been happy with performance so far. Serving static sites is really cheap. However, if I land on HackerNews again, I might need it...

    Otherwise I use free tools to write my blog. Because I enjoy blogging, I also don't consider the countless hours sunk into this as a waste :)

    I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload - Day 24.