Multiple cursors are a feature that has been around for several years. I have heard of it first from SublimeText fans, but I always thought I don't need it. At the time, I was a huge Vim fan and I thought I could get away with crafting fancy regular expressions, XKCD style.

But I'm converted now: turns out that multiple cursors are more useful and easier to use. Can I craft a regex for what I'm searching for? Yes. Will it take a lot longer? Oh yes. Is using multiple cursors super simple? Absolutely. Does it work in a lot more places? Yes.

What convinced me was the fact that it's working in Obsidian too. Several UI toolkits for the web offer this out of the box, so it's working on many websites too. I can use the same "shortcut" in PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, etc, without having to set up a Vim mode.

What other cool shortcuts do you use?