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Happy 5th Birthday!

5 years ago, on this day, I started this blog on And here I am, half a decade later, 2^8 posts later.

Let me tell you how it all started. I had been planning for a long time to start a blog. I actually even started one together with a highschool class-mate, but it was very short lived (we wrote a couple of posts, but never got around to making it public). I had a nice mindmap­ping chart with possible topics I wanted to talk about, possible names for the blog, possible nicknames for me (I was con­sid­er­ing doing it under a pseudonym), where to host it continue.


Spinach and salad small plants

About two months ago, we had a TetraPak gardening class at work. During this class we learned how to seed and care for spinach (left in the above picture) and salad (right) plants in a 1L milk box.

They grew quite slowly. This was after one week.

And after a month they we're this big.

And this is the end result. My breakfast 40 days after I started growing the salads. Yummy :D

But these were just short term "gar­den­ing" ex­per­i­ments. I also wanted to try my hand at keeping a plant alive for longer term.

So after a week I also bought a Hibiscus flower, continue.

Weekend in London

The London Eye

I was oncall the week that ended in the long weekend of the 1st of May. It was a rainy weekend and I had to stay inside the house, during my shift, but because it was rainy, it wasn't very tempting to go outside even after it. So I decided I would take an extended weekend to relax after my shift and to get away from computers. I've always liked British culture and I also have several friends in London, some of which I haven't seen in ages, so I decided to go there.

The first thing that shocked me about British "culture": red lights for pedes­tri­ans continue.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a low cost virtual reality headset made out of cardboard, obviously, two lenses, a small magnet and some velcro. In­struc­tions on how to make one yourself are available online.

I was quite skeptical when it came out last year. I'm not a big fan of Virtual Reality and especially when I thought of using a "low-res" screen such as a Nexus 5, combined with the onboard sensors that are not calibrated for this purpose, I didn't think it would be any good.

And back then... the official app had some bugs. While I could view panoramas made with my phone, I couldn't get the Youtube continue.

Trip to Geneva: part 2

Entrance to Geneva Invention

On my second day in Geneva, after waking up quite late, Cipri, Alexandra and I went to the Geneva In­ter­na­tion­al Inventions Exhibition.

It is quite large exhibition, having 790 inventions, from 45 countries, displayed on 8900 m^2 surface. It wasn't entirely what I expected. It reminded me of Infomatrix, the in­ter­na­tion­al­i­ty of par­tic­i­pants (even more so here), all the people standing at their booths "selling" their invention, Budisteanu (a guy from Romania who was both at Infomatrix and here), and the huge variation in the quality of projects: some super awesome ones, that make you go wow, to some... that don't seem new, original, well-developed, and in some continue.

Trip to Geneva: part 1

CERN entrance

Last weekend I went to Geneva, to visit Ciprian, a friend who is doing an internship at CERN. He also happens to be a frequent reader of my blog :D.

Before joining the darkcomputer science side, I was a wannabe physicist. I went to lots of physics com­pe­ti­tions (and had some good results) and I even applied to the physics department at UBB. But in 12th grade I discovered that pro­gram­ming is also quite fun, and it has a greater payoff, so I decided to go study that. I don't regret this decision, but I still fondly remember the things that I learned from my awesome physics continue.


Vintage movie made au­to­mat­i­cal­ly by Google+ from my photos and videos

Every year in Zurich there is a holiday called Sech­seläuten, that celebrates the end of winter and the coming of summer. It is held on the Monday that follows Easter, so this year it was on the 13th of April (last year it was on the ~30th of April, the day before my on-site interiews :D). In the city of Zurich it is an official holiday, but it's only a "minor" one, so you can get only a half-day off.

Horse riders

There is a huge parade, in which the 39 guilds from Zurich take part. They dress up in continue.

Visiting Romania

Cluj from above

Cluj from the top of the Steelcase building

During the Catholic Easter holidays, I went to Romania for a one week visit. Initially the plan was that my parents would come and visit me, but I had more days off, so I ended up coming to my homeland.

After having been in Switzer­land for 7 months now, I started to notice several things, some of which were a bit saddening. They suggest that some of the problems in Romania are deeply ingrained in our culture and at least based on the small sample of people contained in my friend bubble, it won't change anytime soon.

(Before I tell all continue.

Mail Subscription

New old feature readded to my blog: the ability to subscribe to my posts via email. If you enter your email adress in the form in this post or at the bottom of any page, you will get an email whenever I post something new. There is still RSS, but who am I kidding, nobody uses that besides me :(



My shiny new bike

Last week I bought a bike from another Googler. Because it was raining like crazy and then it was stormy and then I went on vacation, it camped at work for a bit more than a week.

But yesterday I finally took it home, and today, for my birthday, I enjoyed going to work on my bike :D Awesome 40 minutes. Going in the late morning (10:20 AM), along the river, listening to birds sing, was a great way to prepare for work and energize myself. And even coming back from work was quite fun, although I took a different route, which was more hilly, so it continue.