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Survived first Oncall

Survived first oncall shift

Yay! With the Lord's help, I have survived my first oncall shift at work. It was quite busy, at times quite stressful, but it has been a good experience to learn to trust in the Lord! The following Bible verse has been very en­cour­ag­ing during times when several issues would crop up, from people asking me various stuff I had no idea about, to the pager con­tin­u­ous­ly ringing for several different issues:

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanks­giv­ing, tell your requests to God. (Philip­pi­ans 4:6)

What I think of the AI hype

During the last year there have been many articles about the upcoming sin­gu­lar­i­ty and what will happen after that. Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking have issued warnings about the impending doom, while others are more optimistic and are hoping that cures for all diseases will be found, global warming will no longer be an issue and world peace will install.

However, I think that most of these pre­dic­tions make some very strong as­sump­tions, some of which might not be true.

One of the main arguments is that tech­no­log­i­cal im­prove­ments are ex­po­nen­tial and we will get better stuff much faster then before. But there is a problem. Only the ex­po­nen­tial function grows ex­po­nen­tially in­def­i­nite­ly. continue.

Comments are back!

Good news everyone, comments are back!

After taking way too much time, I finally integrated Isso into my blog. It is developed by the same guy who writes Acrylamid, the blog engine I use, so the in­te­gra­tion went very smooth. It uses SQLite for storing the comments and it is hosted on a subdomain. In this way, my blog is still static and super fast, but you still get comments, because they are loaded afterwards with AJAX.

It has quite good in­te­gra­tion with Wordpress and I managed to import all the previous comments.

I'm looking forward to receiving many comments from you :D.

Winter holiday movies

Over the two weeks of winter holidays I finally had some time to watch some movies, some of which were on my to-watch list for quite some time. Two of them were very pleasant surprises:

  • Coherence - a very light science fiction, but which has a genius twist on a "well known" quantum physics experiment: Schroedinger's Cat / Quantum Coherence. I don't want to give spoilers, but as the movie progresses and you realize the extent on which there is something wrong with that one law of nature is making your jaw drop. The actors that play in continue.

2014 in review

I know it's January 18th already, but I just got around to writing this post.

2014 has been a good year for my blog. Both the number of readers increased, from 8036 in 2013 to 12451, and the number of pages visits increased, from 70771 to 92938. Growth slowed down a bit, going from a 36% increase in 2013 to only 32% increase in 2014.

I wrote 34 posts last year. These are actually relevant posts, not just the exam stuff that I used to publish before. Those posts have been moved to a separate page and were not counted now. By this count, in 2013 I continue.

My experience with Linux part 6

It's been a long time since I posted anything about what I've done with Linux. After that Gentoo episode, I stuck to Fedora for a while and I didn't have any major issues there, other then a few outdated libraries (like Gnome being 2-3 releases behind). Then in November, for reasons I don't remember (I think it died on me), I re­in­stalled, this time going with the easy option of Ubuntu. Which of course starts up with an error message.

Anyway, I got rid of my laptop, bought a shiny new desktop (a post about it will follow soon) and I proceeded to install something on it.

Since the continue.

Saying goodbye to Lenovo

On Wednesday, 24.12.2014, I sold my laptop of three years, a Lenovo T520.

Lenovo T520, you were a good laptop, that has served me well, both as a computing tool and as a support for holding up parts of the furniture while I assembled it :D You will be missed!

P.S. Regular posting to the blog to resume when I have access to a personal computer.

Strike the iron while it's hot

Last Friday, I went with my team to an offsite to forge knives, in Walchwil. Daniel was an excellent teacher, I would strongly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to do something out of the ordinary.

I'll let the video speak how awesome it was.

P.S. Thank you Marco and Sofia for filming me while I was working :)



On Saturday I went to see In­ter­stel­lar. I had heard many opinions about it. Dodo was praising it to heavens. Some colleagues said it was boring and way too long. Other complained about the *spoiler*. Other said it was very good.

First let me describe the Swiss cinemas (gross over­gen­er­al­iza­tion, this being my first time in one). You have way more legroom, so you can actually sit com­fort­ably and people can walk past you without you having to get up. A big surprise for me was that at the middle of the movie you have a 5-10 minute break, where you can go to the bathroom, stretch continue.

Global Day of Code Retreat 2014

I have already been to three Code Retreats in Cluj and I have always enjoyed them. Now I had the chance to go to one in Zurich.

This one was just as much fun as the previous ones, maybe even a bit more. One of the biggest dif­fer­ences from the other ones was that it was more mul­ti­cul­tur­al. While German speaking people were the majority, there were plenty of people from other countries: Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Britain. It's always fun to meet new like-minded people from all over the world. There was even a guy who had worked at the LHC in Geneva.

I didn't see continue.