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How to make a selfie time-lapse video

Mostly for future self reference, but also in case somebody else wants to do something similar, I'll write down the steps I took to do my selfie time lapse video.

First step: take daily pictures. I recommend about 0.3-0.5 seconds per picture in the slideshow and you want to have at least 30 seconds of video, so that means at least 60-90 photos. Pro-tip: do them in as similar way as possible every day. Especially the distance to the camera is important. You'll thank me soon enough.

After you gathered all your pictures together, you want to align them. I did this in GIMP. You open the program continue.

50 Days of Roland

For a long time I wanted to do the kind of video where you take one photo every day and then you show make a slideshow of them, like this one. Today is the day where it finally happened, even if it contains only 50 days worth of data!

The images are from the 1st of May until the 17th of July. I usually took two pictures every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. But I also travelled a lot, so I don't have photos from every single day.

What gave me the incentive to finally do this project was that I wanted continue.

Evaluating goals

The first half of the year has passed, so it's time to see how I did on my goals that I had set out for it. Sorry the post is late, I was travelling for the last two weeks.

I described using two techniques for helping achieve goals. One of them was pre­com­mit­ment, which I did in the form of announcing here on the blog. This seemed to not work too well for me, because some of my goals ended up being completely untouched. I'm not sure why, but I think that it's because I made it through the blog, it increases the psy­cho­log­i­cal distance between continue.

The Rise and Fall of the Yahoo Messenger Empire

Yahoo Messenger logo

Back in my days, in Romania, Yahoo Messenger was "the thing" to be on. Everyone had it. It was the most popular Instant Messaging platform by far, for almost ten years, while MSN, AOL or ICQ were pretty much unheard of.

Sometimes, people would send messages saying something among the lines: "Yahoo Messenger is closing, unless enough people send this message to all their friends, to prove that it's still popular". Well, now this is almost true, but only the first part. Yahoo Messenger as I have grown up to know it, will cease to work starting August. It will still live in a weird web ap­pli­ca­tion, continue.

Nice time in Nice

View from the Club

Because I had such a good time in Paris last month, I just had to go again to France, this time to the French Riviera, to hear the beautiful French language again :X:X. Or maybe it was just an SRE offsite. Who knows?

It was really exciting to go there. It reminded me of the various physics and pro­gram­ming com­pe­ti­tions that I went to in high school. Going on a plane where more then half the people were like minded nerds and spending some days talking to most exotic geeky stuff? Sounds like great fun!

We stayed at Club Med Opio en Provence, which is half an hour's drive away continue.

Glücklicher 6. Geburtstag, mein blog!

Du bist sechs Jahre alt, mein lieber blog. Ich habe viele schöne Erinnerung in deine Blog-Posts.... Ah, who am I kidding, my German is not good enough to write a whole post in it.

You've travelled a lot in the last one year. You've been twice to America. You've visited several European countries. You've been to various shows. You've become more modern, by embracing cloud tech­nolo­gies and encryption. Quite a lot of stuff that we've done together, adding up to about 130000 characters written in one year, in 28 blog posts.

You've been making new friends. The number of users visiting has gone up by 5.91%. The number of page views has dropped quite continue.


Nutribullet base

Nu­tribul­let base

For Christmas, a colleague of mine bought himself a juicer and a blender and he was super happy about them. So, for my birthday, my right hand surprised me by ordering me the blender my colleague had: the Nu­tribul­let 600.

And boy, was it a nice surprise. It's super convenient and super easy to clean. My parents have a juicer at home, but it usually takes more time to clean it than to drink the fruit juice. This blender has only two parts that have to be cleaned and, if done quickly enough, it's enough to basically just rinse them for 30 seconds under tap continue.

Paris Revisited

Pyramid from Louvre

After feeling a bit down under at home, I decided to go places again. Because I haven't seen my good friend Alida in a long time, I decided to go to Paris again. And this time not just for an afternoon. It made me feel un­com­fort­ably excited to have something in­ter­est­ing to do.

Because flying, with security checks and everything, is not much faster than the train, I took the latter. It's really nice to go with the TGV, to see all the cars whizzing by on the highway. But the numbering of the train cars was in­ter­est­ing: it was decreasing from 8 to 1, then you had continue.

Hanz Zimmer Live on Tour

Hanz Zimmer Live on Tour

Hanz Zimmer, a composer for many movie sound­tracks, has gone for the first time on a tour. He started off on the 6th of April in London and he will finish on the 16th of May in Sofia. And, more im­por­tant­ly for me, he was in Zurich on Monday. I had seen some billboards for the concert, but I never really considered going, until on Monday a colleague was selling his ticket because he was sick. So, I decided to buy it from him and go for the first time in my life to an orchestral concert.

And it was tremendous fun. It was really great to continue.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I am a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series. I still remember playing Tomb Raider II for hours when I was little. So of course I bought the new one as soon as it came out. I bought it on Steam, because I don't even have a DVD reader in my computer. I was in the US at the time, but I couldn't wait to get home to play it. I arrived sometime at 10PM at home, among the first five things I did was to install it, look at the intro level and then I went to sleep. I was anxiously waiting for the continue.