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Acrylamid image gallery

Acrylamid by default doesn't have image galleries. As I oc­ca­sion­al­ly like to post the images that I take, especially now that I'm visiting nice places in Zurich and the sur­round­ing area, this is quite annoying, as I don't want to manually create all the links for photos.

In the official docs, there is a suggestion to use Jinja2 inside posts to create a local gallery. While it does save you from writing all the image links yourself, you still have to do this for every post in which you want to insert a gallery.

So I wanted to make something more generic, where I could insert with one continue.

Moving from Wordpress to Acrylamid

I have just moved my blog to Acrylamid. I have been planning this move for a long time, because Wordpress is way too large, slow and has too many features I don't need. I wanted to be able to blog using just Markdown, use Git for versioning and be able to publish with rsync.

There are many static blogging platforms, the most popular being Jekyll. That one fell of the list right away because it was written in Ruby. Then I looked at Hakyll, which is written in Haskell, but it is waaaay too com­pli­cat­ed and requires too much work just to be able to make a continue.