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Fixing the bike

Bike rear wheel
Annoying thingy in the middle that made it really difficult to take the rear wheel off

Exactly one year ago, I went for the first time to the office with my bike. Today, for my birthday again, I went with the same bike, for the first time this year, now to church.

But, there is a biiig difference: I "fixed" my bike myself this year :>:> And by fix it I mean I took off the rear wheel, because I thought I had to replace the inner tube (nope), put it back and then I adjusted the brakes because they weren't catching well.

Mechanical skills++++++.

If only the weather continue.


My shiny new bike

Last week I bought a bike from another Googler. Because it was raining like crazy and then it was stormy and then I went on vacation, it camped at work for a bit more than a week.

But yesterday I finally took it home, and today, for my birthday, I enjoyed going to work on my bike :D Awesome 40 minutes. Going in the late morning (10:20 AM), along the river, listening to birds sing, was a great way to prepare for work and energize myself. And even coming back from work was quite fun, although I took a different route, which was more hilly, so it continue.