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Glücklicher 6. Geburtstag, mein blog!

Du bist sechs Jahre alt, mein lieber blog. Ich habe viele schöne Erinnerung in deine Blog-Posts.... Ah, who am I kidding, my German is not good enough to write a whole post in it.

You've travelled a lot in the last one year. You've been twice to America. You've visited several European countries. You've been to various shows. You've become more modern, by embracing cloud tech­nolo­gies and encryption. Quite a lot of stuff that we've done together, adding up to about 130000 characters written in one year, in 28 blog posts.

You've been making new friends. The number of users visiting has gone up by 5.91%. The number of page views has dropped quite continue.

Fixing the bike

Bike rear wheel
Annoying thingy in the middle that made it really difficult to take the rear wheel off

Exactly one year ago, I went for the first time to the office with my bike. Today, for my birthday again, I went with the same bike, for the first time this year, now to church.

But, there is a biiig difference: I "fixed" my bike myself this year :>:> And by fix it I mean I took off the rear wheel, because I thought I had to replace the inner tube (nope), put it back and then I adjusted the brakes because they weren't catching well.

Mechanical skills++++++.

If only the weather continue.

Happy 5th Birthday!

5 years ago, on this day, I started this blog on And here I am, half a decade later, 2^8 posts later.

Let me tell you how it all started. I had been planning for a long time to start a blog. I actually even started one together with a highschool class-mate, but it was very short lived (we wrote a couple of posts, but never got around to making it public). I had a nice mindmap­ping chart with possible topics I wanted to talk about, possible names for the blog, possible nicknames for me (I was con­sid­er­ing doing it under a pseudonym), where to host it continue.


My shiny new bike

Last week I bought a bike from another Googler. Because it was raining like crazy and then it was stormy and then I went on vacation, it camped at work for a bit more than a week.

But yesterday I finally took it home, and today, for my birthday, I enjoyed going to work on my bike :D Awesome 40 minutes. Going in the late morning (10:20 AM), along the river, listening to birds sing, was a great way to prepare for work and energize myself. And even coming back from work was quite fun, although I took a different route, which was more hilly, so it continue.

La mulți ani, blogule!

Noh, ai trăit-o și pe asta... ai împlinit 2 ani. Începi să te sta­bi­lizezi, te-ai obișnuit deja cu memoria pe care o ocupi în server. Ai devenit mult mai popular, de câteva ori ai avut aproape o mie de views pe zi. That's good, that's good. Ai depășit aștep­tările mele. Când am te-am făcut acum 2 ani, nu mă gândeam că mare parte din anul 1 de la info UBB te va citi și că vei fi o sursă importantă de informații despre sesiune. Ce-i drept, pe atunci nu mă prea gândeam la facultate :))) Well, câteva chestii pe care le-ai realizat în ultimul an: