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Books of 2018

Inspired by many of the posts I saw on the bl­o­gos­phere about how people did in their reading challenge in 2018, I decided to do a short recap as well.

I started 12 books in 2018 and I finished 10 of them. This is unusual for me, because I'm quite picky about what books I start reading and I like to finish what I start. But I couldn't stand the author's style in one the books, even though the topic sounded really in­ter­est­ing (The Sov­er­eign­ty of God by A.W. Pinker), and I found the other one to be too slow (The Progress of Doctrine in the New continue.

Data and Goliath

Data and Goliath

Bruce Schneier is a well known American security researcher, who has written several books about this topic. Data and Goliath is his latest book about it. I bought it last year, but I only got around to reading it last month (one more win for the reading goal for the year \:D/). First ob­ser­va­tion: while the book is thick, with 383 pages, a third of it are notes, so it's not that long actually.

While I've heard about various privacy issues and about the mass sur­veil­lance revealed by Edward Snowden, I never really did anything about it. I had an adblocker installed, but that was just because continue.

Why Nations Fail

Why Nations Fail book

I finally finished this book. I bought it from one of the authors a year and a half ago. The book has seen some serious mileage in my hands, having been to the Belgium and to the US. But I finally managed to read all of it. Having a goal to read 28 books this year really helps focusing on this.

I enjoyed the book very much. I don't nec­es­sar­i­ly agree with the hypotheses that it presents, but it also provided a good history lesson for me. Apparently I had some big gaps in my knowledge of things that are 1) far from me 2) happened a long continue.

Cititul e fun...

... în timpul cursurilor boring.

Acum 2 săptămâni în 2 săptămâni am citit 4 cărți (1400 pagini). De când nu am mai citit atâta...

(obviously, cărțile sunt SF-uri, sper că nu se aștepta cineva la altceva de la mine. Și conțin Game în numele lor :D )

Prima carte a fost The Hunger Games. Am mers la cinema să mă uit la film cu Cristi și mi-a plăcut așa de mult filmul că am zis că trebuie să citesc și cărțile. În două zile am și terminat-o. Peste încă o zi am terminat Catching Fire (a doua carte din serie). Și încă o zi și am terminat seria cu Mockingjay continue.

Pillars of the Earth

Este o carte scrisa de Ken Follet, unul din autorii mei favoriti, despre un orasel din Anglia prin secolul XI. Reda foarte interesant in­cer­car­ile oamenilor de a ramane in viata in ciuda tuturor di­fi­cul­tatilor prin care trec. Desi eveni­mentele din carte nu sunt reale, lucrurile se intamplau asa cumva in vremea acea. Pentru mine a fost socant aproape sa citesc cat de grea era viata pe atunci.  Este o carte super o recomand tutoror.

Acum se face un miniserial dupa carte. Primul episod va aparea in 23 iulie. Aici este un trailer.