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Revisiting Romania

Easter Bunnies in Marghita

It's that time of the year again when the Easter Bunny I visit Romania. History likes to repeat itself, but there are changes.

First change, which I welcome with open arms (and mouth), is that they have good orange juice in Romania. The packaging claims it's all natural, fresh, only pas­teur­ized. And it actually tastes quite similar to the one I buy in Switzer­land. \:D/

Second change is that they recently (in the last month) passed a law banning smoking in all public closed spaces. This means that you can go into a restaurant or coffee shop and enjoy your meal without coming out reeking of smoke. It's awesome. continue.

Visiting Romania

Cluj from above

Cluj from the top of the Steelcase building

During the Catholic Easter holidays, I went to Romania for a one week visit. Initially the plan was that my parents would come and visit me, but I had more days off, so I ended up coming to my homeland.

After having been in Switzer­land for 7 months now, I started to notice several things, some of which were a bit saddening. They suggest that some of the problems in Romania are deeply ingrained in our culture and at least based on the small sample of people contained in my friend bubble, it won't change anytime soon.

(Before I tell all continue.