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Neural Networks in Python

Artificial Neural Networks are a math­e­mat­i­cal model, inspired by the brain, that is often used in machine learning. It was initially proposed in the '40s and there was some interest initially, but it waned soon due to the in­ef­fi­cient training algorithms used and the lack of computing power. More recently however they have started to be used again, especially since the in­tro­duc­tion of au­toen­coders, con­vo­lu­tion­al nets, dropout reg­u­lar­iza­tion and other techniques that improve their per­for­mance sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

Here I will present a simple multi-layer perceptron, im­ple­ment­ed in Python using numpy.

Neural networks are formed by neurons that are connected to each others and that send each other signals. If the number of continue.