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Trip to Geneva: part 2

Entrance to Geneva Invention

On my second day in Geneva, after waking up quite late, Cipri, Alexandra and I went to the Geneva In­ter­na­tion­al Inventions Exhibition.

It is quite large exhibition, having 790 inventions, from 45 countries, displayed on 8900 m^2 surface. It wasn't entirely what I expected. It reminded me of Infomatrix, the in­ter­na­tion­al­i­ty of par­tic­i­pants (even more so here), all the people standing at their booths "selling" their invention, Budisteanu (a guy from Romania who was both at Infomatrix and here), and the huge variation in the quality of projects: some super awesome ones, that make you go wow, to some... that don't seem new, original, well-developed, and in some continue.


Napping in the sun at Schatzalp

Napping in the sun at Schatzalp

Last week I went skiing for the first time in my life. I said that I can't live in Switzer­land and not go skiing at least once. So I talked with some friends from the church I go to here and we booked rooms at a hotel in Davos.

Because I had never skied before, I booked a 3 day group lesson. God knew that that was a bad idea for me, because I have two left feet and an abysmal fitness level, and the group lessons got cancelled because nobody else joined them. So I took two afternoons of private continue.


Yesterday, in Richter­swill, there was a turnip festival (or something like that), called Räbechilbi. At the festival there was a parade going around the village center with various figurines lighted up with carved up turnips lanterns. It was pretty cool.

One thing that I found in­ter­est­ing was that here kids were allowed to "play" with fire and carry around the turnip lanterns with lit candles inside them. In Romania, as soon as a kid would get anywhere close to fire, his or her parents would jump up saying "Go away from fire".

Also, there were a lot of lanterns laid out next to the road (probably several thousands). In continue.

Going to vote

The first round of pres­i­den­tial elections was on Sunday and, because my parents were here, visiting me, we decided to rent a car through Mobility (which is a quite nice service) and go voting. Because the Romanian government decided for various reasons (such as the fact that people abroad are less likely to vote for the current prime minister) to make only a few voting stations, we had to go to Bern.

I asked some friends for advice on the way and they rec­om­mend­ed the scenic route through Interlaken. And boy, is it scenic. Because I was driving, I couldn't fully admire it, but my dad exclaimed quite continue.

Delta Dunării


Săptămâna trecută am avut pentru prima oară ocazia să merg la Tulcea și în Delta Dunării. And it was awesome. Tot mai mult îs convins că România îi o țară faină (din punct de vedere geografic).

Pe Deltă am mers cu o barcă închiriată de la Amatour, timp de 8 ore. Drumul a inclus și mersul cu un pădurar prin Pădurea Letea și și o masă de prânz, care consta din pește, pește, and wait for it, pește. În mai multe feluri. Unele bune, altele... mai puțin bune.

Poate (probabil) că sunt eu așa mai ne­cunoscă­tor, dar nu mă așteptam să fie peisaje așa variate în Deltă. Sunt continue.

Frumusețea Vadului (și a Șuncuiușului)

Vad de la distanță

Weekendul trecut am fost la niște prieteni de la biserică în Vad și am mers în câteva drumeții pe dealurile din preajmă. Pretty. Hard.

Peisajele sunt mai frumoase ca cele din Mișca, dar acolo nu îi niciun deal mai mare de 100m față de sat. Aici... parcă nu se mai termina urcatul odată. Bine că am făcut multe pauze să mai fac poze, dar și așa spre final eram rupt. Dar s-a meritat (câte calorii am ars în ziua aia...)

Mișca Reloaded

Acum aproape doi ani am făcut o plimbare lungă și frumoasă prin satul copilăriei tatălui meu. Azi a venit timpul pentru o revizitare :))))

Dacă data trecută am dat în fundături și am rătăcit mult, acum drumurile cunoscute de tati mai existau, doar că au fost năpădite de buruieni, iarbă, „spini și pălămidă”. I've gone boldly where no man has gone before (at least in the past 5 years). Și plimbarea de 45 de minute a devenit una de 2 ore, datorită timpului su­pli­men­tar necesar pentru găsirea drumului optim printre tufișurile enorme care acoperis­eră totul :)))

Am trecut prin jungla din Misca continue.