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The mysterious vcvarsall.bat

I've en­coun­tered the following problem quite a few times, so I decided to write about it here on my blog so I can find the solution faster.

When trying to build various open source libraries, especially ones that were initially made for Linux and then ported to Windows, sometimes the following error is received:

Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

This comes up because it tries to build it using Visual Studio and it looks.... for an older version of VS (I think).

The solution is simple. If you have VS2010, execute: SET VS90­COM­N­TOOLS=%VS100­COM­N­TOOL­S% at the command line and try again. If you have VS2012 run SET VS90­COM­N­TOOLS=%VS110­COM­N­TOOL­S%.

Via: Stack­Over­flow

SFML in Visual Studio 2010

Cand m-am apucat de SFML in Visual Studio 2010, la un moment dat m-am blocat la tutoriale, nu imi mergea o sursa care era data chiar de ei. Dupa un pic de googleit am inceput sa banuiesc ca problema este cu faptul ca ce am descarcat eu de pe siteul lor este pentru VS 2008, si din ceva motiv asta nu merge cu 2010.

Dupa vreo 2 ore de chinuit, I managed to figure out how to do it \:D/.

So here is my tutorial. First one ever.

  1. Descarcati si despa­chetati ultime versiune de SFML full SDK for Visual Studio 2008.
  2. Mergeti in folderul build/vc2008 continue.