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Stephen Wolfram's new big thing

Stephen Wolfram, con­tro­ver­sial author of A new kind of science, possible crank, and inventor of Wolfram Alpha, which has helped me solve many of my math homeworks, has come up with the claim the he has invented a new com­pu­ta­tion­al paradigm. The initial blog post was quite vague, throwing around many buzzwords such as cloud or natural language, and dubious ideeas such "Algorithm au­toma­tion" (aren't algorithms automatic already?), "Com­putable documents" (I presume he means his pro­pri­etary format, CDF, but it doesn't make sense. You can use any pro­gram­ming language to generate (compute) any document).

Yesterday, Ven­ture­Beat published an interview with him and came off as bigger wor­ship­pers of Stephen Wolfram than Gizmodo is continue.