2014 in review

    2014 in review

    I know it's January 18th already, but I just got around to writing this post.

    2014 has been a good year for my blog. Both the number of readers increased, from 8036 in 2013 to 12451, and the number of pages visits increased, from 70771 to 92938. Growth slowed down a bit, going from a 36% increase in 2013 to only 32% increase in 2014.

    I wrote 34 posts last year. These are actually relevant posts, not just the exam stuff that I used to publish before. Those posts have been moved to a separate page and were not counted now. By this count, in 2013 I have published 41 posts. So the number of posts again got smaller, but hopefully more relevant.

    My most popular post has continued to be the one about Neural Networks and the second most popular one was the optional course guide for university. All the others in top 10 are still university related posts. I am curious how this will change this year, now that I won't be posting about that anymore.

    I had the most page views on June 10, with 1666 pages viewed then. What would all those students have done without my blog? :D

    One of the big changes that happened to my blog was that I moved it from a shared hosting to a VPS, so it can respond faster, and that I migrated it from Wordpress to Acrylamid, a static site generator. These two changes (that happened at the same time) had a pretty strong impact, because previously my site would take at least 2 seconds to load fully, while now it is usually under 1 second.

    Most people arrive to my blog via organic search (40%), directly (26%), then Facebook, Facebook, Facebook (for some reason it shows under several URLs, but they add up to 27.5%), Twitter and 3 Japanese blogs that have been driving most of the traffic to my neural network post (about 1.5% of total traffic). I have no idea how I ended up in their sights.

    Thank you all for reading my blog in this last year and I hope you will continue to do so! Very late Happy New Year to you all!