Midway goal checkup

    Midway goal checkup

    Three months ago I set up some goals for myself. Because ac­count­abil­i­ty is key to ac­com­plish­ing goals and sticking to them, it's time I review them, see how I did, and possibly adjust them.

    Losing weight: I'm at 82 kg right now, so I believe getting to 77 kg is still achieav­able in three months.

    Doubling my benchpress: That one is not pro­gress­ing as well as I hoped. I managed to increase to about 45 kg. I was gone, with limited access to the gym for 4 weeks, so that might have something to do with it. I think I can make it to 60kg, instead of 80.

    Run a 10k Race in April: I am training for it, my longest run so far is 8 km. Weather is better now, so I can go running more often. I think I'm on track for this.

    Reading: Plan was a bit over 2 books per month, I'm a bit under 2 books per month. I have read 5 books, instead of about 6. Some of the books I read were thicker than expected, so that didn't help.

    Playing the piano: Soon I realized that 1 hour is way too much, I don't want to spend that much time on it. However, I've been con­sis­tent­ly hitting 30 minutes of playing per week. So, with some adjustment, this goal is fine.

    Blogging: So far so good. I have 11 posts written so far, which is where I should be.

    Pho­tog­ra­phy: I haven't published any yet, but I believe I have 2-3 photos that are quite good, after I polish them a bit in Darktable. On my last trip I started using manual mode more often and taking even more photos, so I hope some of them will be good enough. So, I'm not giving up on this just yet.

    Focusing: A complete failure. I wanted to try and set up either a Pomodoro Timer or some app to track my focused window... but I never got around to it :(

    Machine Learning: Not too well. I did the first homework and it took me one day. There are 6 lessons, so that is still doable.

    Bible reading: I realized that 6 chapters a day is not really sus­tain­able, but 4 chapters are. I haven't been tracking this as accurately as I should have, but I think that at least 60% of the days I have been doing that.

    Sharing the gospel: This one is bad :( I shared only twice so far :( I should already be at 6 :(

    Memorizing Bible verses: This one is a complete failure. I have to admit I haven't done anything for this :( This was way too ambitious. I'll have to reevaluate this to something more ap­proach­able.

    So 3 goals out of 12 are still on track, 3 are still going, with some small ad­just­ments, 2 I'll still try to do, but with much lower targets, 2 are still achievable, but most likely they will be rushed, instead of being nicely spaced out, and 2 are complete failures. This is a huuuuge im­prove­ment on the last time I set public goals, when I pretty much didn't achieve any of them. Maybe in three months I will be able to set even more realistic goals :D