Evaluating goals - 2017 edition

    Evaluating goals - 2017 edition

    Another half a year has passed, so it's time to review my goals from January.

    Around March something came up, so I dropped some goals or reduced their intensity. That something is called setting a wedding date for July, so I'll excuse myself for being busy with that.

    Scoring will continue by the same metric: 1 for goals fully achieved, 0 for complete failures.

    Get to 82 kg by June: I am currently 83 kg. I was 90 kg in January when I posted this, so this is a 0.875 score. Not bad. We'll see how my suit fits on Saturday :D

    Exercise three times a week: I exercised 63 times in the first half of the year. Then I pulled a muscle and it had me unable to move. It's still a score of 0.777.

    Read 24 books in 2017/read 30 minutes every day: So... I read 10 books in half a year, when I should be at 12 already. Almost there, so it's 0.833. But the 30 minutes reading per day... that's a big no.

    Write 3 blog posts per month: I wrote 13 posts so far (without this one), while I should be at 18. Score: 0.722

    Write into my journal twice a week: I managed to keep this habit almost perfectly until last week. Score: 0.95

    Spend 1 hour per week studying German on my own: This goal got dropped first: I stopped doing it around April. I clocked in 8.3 hours of German until then. Score: 0.307

    Do 4 20 minute Pomodoros every day: I did around 550 Pomodoros this year, which comes down to 3.79 per working day. Score: 0.94. I actually felt more productive.

    Read 3 chapters from the Bible every day: I did this pretty good until last week. Score: 0.95

    Memorize 1 Bible verse every week: Well... third time's the charm. It'll work next time, I'm sure! Score: 0

    Average score: 0.706. So I managed to improve just a tiny bit on my score from last year \:D/ But it's in­ter­est­ing that now I don't have any perfect score, but I have fewer failures too. Maybe I'm learning how to set proper goals for myself?

    But, like last year, I'll take a break now and I'll focus on making my soon-to-be wife happy!