Goals for 2018

    Goals for 2018

    Because of my move to Romania, I decided to postpone any big goal setting until I’m finally here. Packing, driving 3000 kilometers, unpacking, dereg­is­ter­ing from Switzer­land and reg­is­ter­ing in Romania all take un­pre­dictable amounts of time, so I just thought about what goals I want and they will be my Martisor’ res­o­lu­tions.

    Most of the things will stay similar. For example, my get to 82 kg goal is still there, for a third year in a row. This time it will stick, I promise! But, now that I’m no longer at Google and I no longer have the “all your in­tel­lec­tu­al property belong to us” clause in my contract, I would like to start being more active in the open source community so I’ll add a goal about that.


    Weight watching: First off, I have to get back to 82 kilograms. Second, I have to stay there. This thing is getting old, that I keep losing the weight, only to put it back. I want to lose 1 kg per month, so that by the end of the year I will be in the right shape.

    Exercise three times a week: The same amount as before (I found that it worked fairly well for me), but I will extend the activities that count: given that I live in a house now, any house work that gets me sweating and I do it for more than 30 minutes counts. Of course, going to the gym, running, swimming and other tra­di­tion­al sporting activities are still valid.

    Juggle for 5 minutes every day: I want to learn how to juggle, so I will start practicing for 5 minutes every day. Goal is to be able to juggle 4 balls for 1 minute.


    Read 20 books this year: Self-ex­plana­to­ry

    Write three blog posts a month: Self-ex­plana­to­ry

    Spend 2 hours per week studying German: Given that I have learned German for three years and I got to an okay level, it would be nice to get a diploma to prove. I’ve finished A2 courses, so I would like to get to B1 level this year and take an exam in that.

    Two open source con­tri­bu­tions per month: There are a lot of cool open source projects, so I would try to contribute to them. Ideally, the con­tri­bu­tions would be measured when they are accepted, but because things can get com­pli­cat­ed quickly, I’ll accept writing 100 lines of code towards fixing an issue as well.


    Read 3 chapters from the Bible every day: Self-ex­plana­to­ry

    Memorize 1 Bible verse every week: Sigh. Here we go again. However, this time I will apply a twist: I’ll try to get a group of friends from church to do this with me. Hopefully, learning in a group setting will help me with this goal.