2020 might have been a bad year outside, but it was a good year for my blog. I wrote 62 posts, almost as many as in the previous 3 years combined (63). Part of it was due to more time because of Covid, part of it was because of the 100 Days to Offload Challenge (which I didn't finish), part of it was because I have an interest to take my blog in a new direction, to help get leads for my consulting business.

Visits were up: 60.000 sessions compared to 10.000 in 2019. Most of my sessions were from unique visitors, because those were around 53.000, compared to 8700. Pageviews are at 73500, versus 16300.

Most of this is due to some posts that got very popular. The Moving away from Gmail post is now my most popular blog post ever, dethroning the neural network post that is 7 years old and is still getting 2000 views per year. It was on the front page of HackerNews and it got 36000 pageviews in 3 days. The Obsidian post was also quite popular, having been suggested in the Google app, getting to 8000 views. My Rust posts all got over 800 views, with the web crawler one getting over 2400. Surprisingly, how to bridge networks with a Synology NAS is a very interesting topic, because that also got 1000 views.

The Ghost platform has worked ok during the last year, but it has some small friction points, so I'm thinking about changing again. But regardless of how I'll post, I definitely plan to keep post more content.