My blog has circled the Sun for another year. You got 37 more posts in the meantime. The Obsidian post was very popular, as was the Rust Codenames series. Vmmem issues are finding a solution on my blog as well.  The second half of last year was slower than the first one, but it's ok.

I kinda split my blog into two: personal posts stayed here, anything related to machine learning goes to my new domain, which is for my consulting business. I still want to post some technical content here and I do hope I'll make it to the front page of HN again :D

I haven't had as much time to write posts because I've been busy with all kinds of other content: an in person machine learning course here in Oradea, several presentations, some about machine learning, some about quick iteration, some locally, some online. It turns I only have so much creative juice in me every day.

I've resumed my goals to blog again, but at a much more humble rate. Sometimes I'm tempted to try daily blogging, but I'm a bit afraid of that commitment and of the quality of the posts that would result from that. Some people say that writing daily turns on the faucets of creativity and you'll have plenty of ideas. But for now I'll stick to a more reasonable goal of two posts per month.