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Going to vote

The first round of pres­i­den­tial elections was on Sunday and, because my parents were here, visiting me, we decided to rent a car through Mobility (which is a quite nice service) and go voting. Because the Romanian government decided for various reasons (such as the fact that people abroad are less likely to vote for the current prime minister) to make only a few voting stations, we had to go to Bern.

I asked some friends for advice on the way and they rec­om­mend­ed the scenic route through Interlaken. And boy, is it scenic. Because I was driving, I couldn't fully admire it, but my dad exclaimed quite continue.

Best workout

Best workout is furniture assembly workout

Also, I just discovered a new very useful feature of my laptop. It doubles as a substitute for a second person to hold up the sides of the bed while I'm attaching them in their right place. That is money well spent.

And now I have one table, one chair and one half of my bed assembled :D

Getting the furniture

Last week I got the keys to my apartment, so I started looking for furniture. On Saturday I went to IKEA together with some other Nooglers and we spent six hours there. SIX HOURS. More exhausting than the Uetliberg hiking trip. And I didn't even finish buying all the stuff that I needed.

Among the stuff that I bought was a kitchen table, that they didn't have on stock right then, so they offered to ship it to me later on, for free. I accepted, being in no rush to move to my apartment and I chose the next Monday for shipping. The rest of the things continue.


Uetliberg is a very popular and small mountain near Zurich, 869 m high, which I have already visited twice and I will probably climb many more times (at the very least when I have friends coming to Zurich). There is an 80 m high tower at the top, and there is a beautiful view from up there. You can see the whole Zurich and Lake Zurich in a gorgeous panorama.

First time I went up there was during Kn­aben­schiessen and the second time was with some fellow Nooglers, to have lunch up there. We arrived there panting and sweaty and the restaurant at the top was waaaaay continue.


Two weeks ago was the Kn­aben­schiessen, a Zurich holiday that lasts for three days and when you get half a day off from work. The main attraction is a shooting com­pe­ti­tion for teenagers (I'm so old :( ), but there is also a big fair, which was very similar to the one that is in Marghita during City Days. Except it is bigger, it has more rides (and taller ones too ;;) ) and it is far cleaner.

That was very different than what I was used to. There were the same hotdog, hamburger and other junk food stands as in Romania, but you couldn't see any pieces continue.

Acrylamid image gallery

Acrylamid by default doesn't have image galleries. As I oc­ca­sion­al­ly like to post the images that I take, especially now that I'm visiting nice places in Zurich and the sur­round­ing area, this is quite annoying, as I don't want to manually create all the links for photos.

In the official docs, there is a suggestion to use Jinja2 inside posts to create a local gallery. While it does save you from writing all the image links yourself, you still have to do this for every post in which you want to insert a gallery.

So I wanted to make something more generic, where I could insert with one continue.

First week in Zürich

This month I have made a big change in my life, I switched jobs and I moved to Zürich.

The Swiss are way more rigurous and strict then the Romanian people. Within 14 days of arriving in Switzer­land you have to register yourself at Kreisburo (if you live in Zürich) or at the Gemeind (in other places). You have three months to choose a health insurer or it will be chosen for you.

You have to buy special trash bags, that are quite expensive (something like 20 CHF for a pack of 10), because they include the recycling tax in them. So if you do recycling, then you continue.

Moving from Wordpress to Acrylamid

I have just moved my blog to Acrylamid. I have been planning this move for a long time, because Wordpress is way too large, slow and has too many features I don't need. I wanted to be able to blog using just Markdown, use Git for versioning and be able to publish with rsync.

There are many static blogging platforms, the most popular being Jekyll. That one fell of the list right away because it was written in Ruby. Then I looked at Hakyll, which is written in Haskell, but it is waaaay too com­pli­cat­ed and requires too much work just to be able to make a continue.

Big changes

As you are probably seeing, I've just done a major update to my blog. Besides the obvious theme change, there are several other more important changes in the backend, such as moving from Wordpress to Acrylamid

Acrylamid is a static site generator written in Python. It is pretty cool. It has BSD license, it can generate the content from Markdown and is made by the same guy who wrote Isso, the commenting system I will soon use.

This version of the blog is still a work in progress, the theme might change (a lot), soon there will be comments as well (for now, Facebook will have to do) and continue.

Delta Dunării


Săptămâna trecută am avut pentru prima oară ocazia să merg la Tulcea și în Delta Dunării. And it was awesome. Tot mai mult îs convins că România îi o țară faină (din punct de vedere geografic).

Pe Deltă am mers cu o barcă închiriată de la Amatour, timp de 8 ore. Drumul a inclus și mersul cu un pădurar prin Pădurea Letea și și o masă de prânz, care consta din pește, pește, and wait for it, pește. În mai multe feluri. Unele bune, altele... mai puțin bune.

Poate (probabil) că sunt eu așa mai ne­cunoscă­tor, dar nu mă așteptam să fie peisaje așa variate în Deltă. Sunt continue.