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Fixing the bike

Bike rear wheel
Annoying thingy in the middle that made it really difficult to take the rear wheel off

Exactly one year ago, I went for the first time to the office with my bike. Today, for my birthday again, I went with the same bike, for the first time this year, now to church.

But, there is a biiig difference: I "fixed" my bike myself this year :>:> And by fix it I mean I took off the rear wheel, because I thought I had to replace the inner tube (nope), put it back and then I adjusted the brakes because they weren't catching well.

Mechanical skills++++++.

If only the weather continue.

Midway goal checkup

Three months ago I set up some goals for myself. Because ac­count­abil­i­ty is key to ac­com­plish­ing goals and sticking to them, it's time I review them, see how I did, and possibly adjust them.

Losing weight
I'm at 82 kg right now, so I believe getting to 77 kg is still achieav­able in three months.
Doubling my benchpress
That one is not pro­gress­ing as well as I hoped. I managed to increase to about 45 kg. I was gone, with limited access to the gym for 4 weeks, so that might have something to do with it. I think I can make it to 60kg, instead of 80. continue.

Revisiting Romania

Easter Bunnies in Marghita

It's that time of the year again when the Easter Bunny I visit Romania. History likes to repeat itself, but there are changes.

First change, which I welcome with open arms (and mouth), is that they have good orange juice in Romania. The packaging claims it's all natural, fresh, only pas­teur­ized. And it actually tastes quite similar to the one I buy in Switzer­land. \:D/

Second change is that they recently (in the last month) passed a law banning smoking in all public closed spaces. This means that you can go into a restaurant or coffee shop and enjoy your meal without coming out reeking of smoke. It's awesome. continue.

The Museum

Almost two years after I went to The Dungeon, I went with Eliza and Ruxi to The Museum, another room escape game in Cluj.

The Museum has two different puzzles and for some reason we chose to go to the second one, which is more difficult. Because one person bailed on us at the last moment, the host was a bit worried that we won't be able to finish it, because usually teams of 4-10 people solve it. But we did it in 71 minutes \:D/

The concept is the same, you are locked in a room and you have to solve various puzzles to find the continue.

The Master Algorithm

The Master Algorithm

Having a goal to read books really helps with reading them. I finally started reading through the mountain of machine learning books that have been sitting on my shelves for half a year.

The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos, a professor at the University of Washington, is an user friendly book for introducing lay people to machine learning. It contains maybe 2-3 lines of math, 0 code, but a lot of explanations.

Professor Domingos divides up all of machine learning into five "tribes": symbolists, connectionists, evolutionaries, bayesians and analogizers. He describes various algorithms that are in each tribe, usually managing to make it quite understandable. However, for some reason, continue.


Mayumana -

The Israeli dance troupe Mayumana was in Zürich this weekend and I went to see one of their shows. Colour me impressed. That was amazing. It was a really good show.

The theme of the show was time. They started off by showing a video about flies and how their perception of us is in slow motion, “so that when they see our hand coming down to hit them, they know they still have time to finish lunch before escaping”. So the troupe made its way onto the stage in slow motion. Then various clocks starting ticking, slowly ac­cel­er­at­ing, and the dancers started moving faster and faster, according continue.

New York Again

Times Square

Times Square at night

After Mountain View, I went to Memphis to visit some dear friends from a fellowship there. Because of this, I spent most of my time meeting with lots of people, so I didn't really get to see too many places, so no post about Memphis. One remark though: Memphis pork ribs are amazing. AAAA-maaaazing. I knew that from last time I was there, and it was just confirmed (and topped actually by the dry rub recipe) this time.

After that, I went to New York, for the second part of my bussiness trip. This time I stayed in Manhattan and I got to experience continue.

Why Nations Fail

Why Nations Fail book

I finally finished this book. I bought it from one of the authors a year and a half ago. The book has seen some serious mileage in my hands, having been to the Belgium and to the US. But I finally managed to read all of it. Having a goal to read 28 books this year really helps focusing on this.

I enjoyed the book very much. I don't nec­es­sar­i­ly agree with the hypotheses that it presents, but it also provided a good history lesson for me. Apparently I had some big gaps in my knowledge of things that are 1) far from me 2) happened a long continue.


The Rock

The Rock

This year started off well, with another trip to the USA, on a business trip to Mountain View. One of the things that I missed last time I was in San Francisco was Alcatraz. When I arrived there I realized that you need to buy tickets several weeks in advance, so it was too late by that time. So, this time, after I bought the plane tickets to San Francisco, I bought my ticket to Alcatraz :)))

One of my favourite movies when I was a kid was "The Rock", with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, which takes place in Alcatraz. Ever since then I wanted continue.

Dockerizing a static blog

My blog has been compiled using Acrylamid for about a year and a half now. It's been great and I don't regret switching to it from Wordpress. I can write my posts in Markdown, in the command line, my posts are stored in a clear text format in GitHub, my site is way faster now than it was on Wordpress. However, deploying a new post has always been a bit of a pain. It's easy to write from anywhere, all I need is Vim and git, but until now, it was com­pli­cat­ed to publish any new post, or do any changes to the site.

The problem was continue.