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Best workout

Best workout is furniture assembly workout

Also, I just discovered a new very useful feature of my laptop. It doubles as a substitute for a second person to hold up the sides of the bed while I'm attaching them in their right place. That is money well spent.

And now I have one table, one chair and one half of my bed assembled :D

Getting the furniture

Last week I got the keys to my apartment, so I started looking for furniture. On Saturday I went to IKEA together with some other Nooglers and we spent six hours there. SIX HOURS. More exhausting than the Uetliberg hiking trip. And I didn't even finish buying all the stuff that I needed.

Among the stuff that I bought was a kitchen table, that they didn't have on stock right then, so they offered to ship it to me later on, for free. I accepted, being in no rush to move to my apartment and I chose the next Monday for shipping. The rest of the things continue.