2015 in review

    2015 in review

    Woohoo. I wrote this post four days sooner that I did last year. Maybe in a couple of years I will actually write it on the first day of the year!!!!!

    This year has not been such a great year. While the number of readers did go up slightly, from 12451 to 13110, actual page views dropped in half, down to 46926 from 92938 last year :( Alas, nothing lasts forever. Good thing I'm not making a living out of my blog. The bright side is that now I have more new visitors, 59.51% getting to my site for the first time, compared to 37.60% in 2014. So I'm reaching more people, even if they then read fewer pages on my site.

    I had the most pageviews on May 12, getting 977 acceses to my site. The most sessions (meaning users getting to my site and browsing around at distinct times) was on October 9, when I had 350 sessions. During the first one there was an exam at my university, so the current students were accessing my past exam archive, while the second one is when I posted about me going to give a Tech Talk at my University. It's been almost two years since I graduated and still the university gets the most views on my blog.

    The number of posts continued it's downward trend, getting to only 30 posts, meaning about 2.5 posts per month. I think that my posts are quite different now from one year ago, more than a third of them being reviews of my trips to various places around the world. The rest seem to be divided between blog related an­nouce­ments, personal an­nouce­ments and some reviews.

    The most popular blog post continues to be the Neural Network one, while the next several ones are related to my past exams, tutorials or guides that I wrote while in college. The first one that's not related to that is the review I wrote after a year in Zurich.

    Most of my traffic comes from searches, but due to changes in the reporting done by the search engines, I don't really know what people search for to get to my blog. Then I get traffic that comes directly to my site (I'm a bit skeptical that so many people have bookmarks to various pages on my site), or come from other websites (and I'm starting to get worried, because some of them look really sketchy). Facebook con­tributed about 3600 sessions, while Twitter and Google+ less than 200 together. Oh, but I have one from Hacker News too :D Also, 58 sessions came from the emails I send out and 23 from the RSS feed.

    Changes to my blog include a redesign, adding comments and email sub­scrip­tion, and, something that I never had before: HTTPS.

    I hope you will keep reading me in 2016 and I have planned some more cool stuff for all y'all! Quite late Happy New Year this year too!