Du bist sechs Jahre alt, mein lieber blog. Ich habe viele schöne Erinnerung in deine Blog-Posts.... Ah, who am I kidding, my German is not good enough to write a whole post in it.

You've travelled a lot in the last one year. You've been twice to America. You've visited several European countries. You've been to various shows. You've become more modern, by embracing cloud tech­nolo­gies and encryption. Quite a lot of stuff that we've done together, adding up to about 130000 characters written in one year, in 28 blog posts.

You've been making new friends. The number of users visiting has gone up by 5.91%. The number of page views has dropped quite a lot, by almost 41%, but you're still at a quite good 40000. You have become very popular in Russia for some reason, with more than 2000 views from there :))) People still find you through search, about 50.5%, then 19.1% come from links from various places on the Internet, 16.8% of the people access you directly (thank you, my biggest fans) and 12.8% come to you from social networks. I'm surprised by how useless social media is. I guess you should make better friends :))) Maybe even get a Facebook page :-" Un­for­tu­nate­ly, all these visitors don't really like to leave comments. There were 61 new comments in the last year, 27 from me, 11 from Mada (thaaaank youuu), and then two persons left 3 comments, my mom left 2 and the rest is form a long tail of people, each leaving only 1 comment. :( I don't know how to change this and to get a discussion going on more often. Any tips? :D

I still have big plans for you, including adding some new content that is not just blog posts. We'll see how that goes and when it actually arrives :)) And I'm looking forward to the other adventures that we'll have together!